Win Free Convention Admission!

Contest Ends: February 10th.
One submission gets you the chance to win free admission to any of these exciting anime conventions. Each convention has contributed two badges - so if you can get to all of them then that's up to four chances to get free entry!

This contest has ended.
The summer anime convention for St. Louis started out with a bang. Over 500 anime fans came in the first year, and the convention will only get better and bigger.
A & G Ohio
A celebration of anime & gaming in Ohio - A&G Ohio continues traditions of being tons of fun for anime fans and gamers in Ohio.
QC Anime-zing!
The first anime convention for the Iowa/Illinois border brings together fans from the entire Midwest for an exciting, interactive convention.
A friendly anime convention for Michigan brings together fans, anime, and tons of fun. Their second year is bound for even more energy!