Corinne "Megami33" Sudberg

One of the leading ladies representing Team Four Star, Corinne “Megami33” Sudberg is a voice actress, singer and parody maker from the wide world of the Internet. Joining the abridging world with Sailor Moon Abridged, aka SMA, back in 2007, she’s become involved in providing voices for many other abridged/parody shows, but is mostly known for providing the voice of Sir Integra Wingates Hellsing in Hellsing Ultimate Abridged, Marlene in Final Fantasy VII Machinabridged and of course, Bulma, Chiaotzu, Puar and Baby Trunks in Team Four Star’s Dragonball Z Abridged. She has worked with Media Blasters providing additional voices for shows such as “Holy Knight OVA” and “Ladies versus Butlers!.”

She also provides English voiceovers for Turkish and Korean shows localized by Everest Productions. Specializing in character voices, she can be heard in various media/indie games such as, Norse Noir: Loki’s Exile, Seduce Me 2: Demon War, Hauntsters, Ancestory, Smart Cart, Shattered Heaven, and more including an animated pilot from creator, Ian McGinty [Comic Artist/Writer for Bravest Warriors/Adventure Time] called, “Welcome to the Showside.”

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