Japanese-American J-Pop Idol Duo, 2UNE, is back to put on a revolutionary Japanese pop performance like you’ve never seen it before! 2UNE (pronounced “Tune”) is a New York City-based J-pop Idol group consisting of 2 members— Uno from Japan and Sneko from the US. 2UNE combines traditional Japanese pop music and idol aesthetics with electronic and dance music to create a modern-day twist on Japanese idol music. Similarly, Uno’s sweet vocals and Sneko’s characteristic voice merge to create a wonderful harmony and a 2une that you’ll never forget! 2UNE will be releasing their debut mini album, “Sunny Day”, complete with 3 original Japanese singles this year. If you’re a fan of Japanese Idols, J-pop, and anime music, their’s is one show you’re not going to want to miss!