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Kiba Walker

Kiba Walker is an actor and performer based out of Dallas, Texas. His most notable roles in anime, such as MY HERO ACADEMIA (Cider House Leader), SAINT SEIYA (Scylla Io), BLACK CLOVER (Paplo Espuma), SKATE-LEADING STARS (Irie), BACK ARROW (Gote), THE TITAN’S BRIDE (Caius Lao Bistail), HORIMIYA (Tanihara), JUNJI ITO COLLECTION (Tsukano), CELLS AT WORK!! (Mumps Virus), CAUTIOUS HERO (Kebono), KONO OTO TOMARE (Naoya), BOFURI (Christmas Rose), and CASE FILE NO.221 KABUKICHO (Diana). You can also hear his voice in FRUITS BASKET, RADIANT, ONE PIECE, TO LOVE RU, O MAIDENS IN YOUR SAVAGE SEASON, AKUDAMA DRIVE, and many more.

In video games, his voice can be heard in GENSHIN IMPACT (Xu Liushi/Wyratt/Zexuan), CAMP BUDDY (Keitaro/Yoshinori), FULL SERVICE (Sota), TO TRUST AN INCUBUS (Kenta), MISTER VERSATILE (Syd), EARTHLOCK (Amon/Gnart), POPUP DUNGEON (DJ Mute/Thrilla Killa/Centrian/Nunchaku Ninja/Tinkerer), SOMETHING IN THE DARK (Francis Hale/Father Karver), GYEE (Caius), and many others.

Kiba is also an ADR director and scriptwriter for Ascendent Animation, for which he is also the President and COO. His works include ISHIDA & ASAKURA and THE TITAN’S BRIDE. He also is a full-time drag performer, under the name SALEM MOON. You can follow him on Twitter at @justkibawalker or on Instagram at @kibathevoice or @salemmoondrag