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Lolita Dark

After descending into the darkness of her childhood memories, a single idea pierced her thoughts like a blade. Salvation…Redemption…Sanctuary.. to Unlock a path, for those who have lost their bearing. To help those who have no choice, to answer the silent cries of a strong heart hidden behind a smiling face. Lolita Dark is the sacred garden of wanderers, travelers, and urban warriors.

Fronted by 2 authentic Japanese singers, Lolita Dark brings the brand new movement to Los Angeles’ somewhat stale rock scene. Their innovative music to appearance, it’s nothing you’ve ever experienced before. Lolita Dark is the new beginning! From their innovative music to their mysterious background and stage performances, Lolita Dark proves that their music is striking the heart of the LA.

Convention Appearances By Lolita Dark
Anime California 2014