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32 year old Female
Last online over 7 years ago
Look for staff for my convention!

We're between being held in Arlington or Waco. Both have really good, and inexpensive locations. We're shooting for sometime in 2020. HOWEVER.

I have planned to hold quaterly mini convention in 4 cities: San Antonio, Austin, Dallas and Arlington itself starting in late 2015 to start generating revenue, testing methods and ideas for the BIG con itself, and getting the word out about us. So please if you're interested, feel free to check out the staff blog (it's empty right now, other than the application to staff, which I'll link you too, but I'm gonna get it filled with all sorts of info soon.

So please check us out.

Also, after you've applied and been approved or accepted, please prepare a short (150 words or less) bio for me and include a 100x200 image to represent you (photo would be preferable, or you in drawn form or something). And email it to
Jul 18-20
Aug 15-18
Jan 30-Feb 1
Jul 31-Aug 2