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Inside Anime Central Preview

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Are you stoked? I am. Because I'm going to ACEN. There’s a whole ton of guests that so many people are ecstatic for, like Christina Vee, Johnny Yong Bosch, Travis Willingham, Chris Sabat, and SO MANY MORE. It’s thrilling to see so many big names all in one place. I’ve never been to a con this large before, the biggest one I've attended was Anime Iowa, which has just now raised the attendance cap to 3500 people this year. Jumping from an average of 3k, to around 22,000 people, it’s mind blowing to make the jump.

Pikachu Cosplay
Pikachu cosplayer at ACEN 2010.
So, Acen. What is Acen? Anime Central (ACen) is the Midwest’s largest anime, manga and Japanese popular culture convention. The convention is in Rosemont, Illinois, less than 30 minutes from Chicago. ACen brings together a hell-of-a-lot of people from as far as ten hours away, just to meet guests flown in from Japan and other parts of the US. Beyond the special guests, almost half the attendees spend most of the weekend in the convention's massive exhibit hall, with over 100,000 square feet of dealers selling everything from strictly anime-related merchandise to swords, shields, and kilts. I’ll totally going to find a Hylian Shield and not going to be able to buy it. People also come for the video game room, concerts, dances, workshops, screenings, etc. Thank god they stick to Japanese-anime related media as much as possible, without letting much other stuff creep in. Twilight sucks.

Links with Shields
Link cosplayer at ACEN 2010,
Four Swords version.
But take that in for a minute. Twenty two thousand people. The amount of people gathered in one space is crazy to imagine. With all the guests that will be there though, it’s no shock. The immense amount of panels, the huge gaming rooms, gigantic raves, it’s a frantic rush to fit in as much activity and fun into one weekend as possible. Thank god for their schedule app. It almost makes all other cons feel so..unstressed, relaxed and laid back. Certainly the dealers room will be nothing to scoff at as well.

But why should you be going? Nabeshin! Christina Vee! The fact that it’s a gigantic convention! Its a new experience, and there are so many people to meet whom you may not meet otherwise. Its an amazing chance to do so much, and make so many new friends. Not to mention the cosplaying. The cosplaying, it’ll be so fantastic. Except the last minute cosplay. Not so fond of having to rush two last minute cosplays, and hoping they come together. It happens so often to people, and it makes you wonder how we don’t learn, but year after year it’s the same rush to finish. That’s just killer. But you know what? Even without a cosplay, it will still be an amazing time, so bring your camera, bring your A-Face, and I hope to meet you there at Anime Central 2012. I'll come back with pictures and full coverage of the convention.

ALL of you.
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