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Angel Pretty at Anime Central Exclusive

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Anime Central featured Angelic Pretty at the convention in 2012. I attended the special limited Press Interview Session with Angelic Pretty, and we are happy to provide their answers from the Angelic Pretty questions. I apologize for any misquotes, which are possible, as the interview was through a translator and my typing may have been too slow. Several press groups asked questions at the Anime Central Angelic Pretty Interview session.
Anime Central Angelic Pretty Interview

When did your brand start?

Angelic Pretty began approximately 10 years ago. In December of last year, we had our tenth anniversary party.

Where do you get the inspiration for your designs?

Even though I design a lot of western clothes and the associated accessories, I draw a lot of inspiration from things I see around the city, particularly cute things like cute wrappings and things.

Some of my inspirations are things that really move me inside, and things and words that bring out my emotions, and also cute things. Even simple things like eating something delicious and thinking "that was so nice."

What do you hope this fashion can bring to girls and women of Japan and elsewhere?

We hope that when people wear ourr clothes that women can feel better about themselves, they can feel cute any time, and they can feel filled with hope and dreams.

How has the reception been in America vs. the reception in Japan? Like, is there a difference between American Lolita and Japanese lolita that really stands out?

In the last few years in Japan, lolita fashion has become a little more rare. In comparison to when we first become, in the last couple of years these kinds of clothes have gained a lot of exposure through TV drama. [brackets will appear for missing sections, like here]

What about the marketplace, what are the most succesful markets throughout the world?
Though we have enjoyed exposure in shows in Paris and San Franscisco, the place we have gained the most popularity, lately, is in America.

Even though this image is usually associated with places like Harujuku and Shinjuku, this fashion is also becoming popular in other places such as Hokkaido, and even Okinawa (the furthest north and furthest west you can get in Japan).

There are some lolita brands that try to keep lolita fresh by integrating with other genres. How do you try to keep lolita fresh and integrate new ideas?
Even though people tend to think of Lolita as one homogenous movement, it changes from season to season from the details to the decorations to the colors. It really depends on what's in that season, it's really a dynamic field. Of course there may be some starting templates, but because of the dynamic nature and trends that very from season to season, we can keep it original.

Because the brand is worldwide, are you travelling often?

I'm most often traveling to America and Paris, but yes there are often lots of opportunity to travel.

Can you tell me more about your customers? The oldest customer? The youngest customer?
It's actually very widespread, in contrast to a few years before when you would chiefly find high school girls wearing this kind of fashion. Now you can see five year olds and their mothers wearing this type of fashion together. Of course a mature women may choose something with more a classic style, and a younger person might choose something with a more pop flair. It's really widely varied.

Do you have sizes for, like, older women? Other sizes? Women age fifty?

We really want uor clothes to be wearable by a wide variety of people. We don't let ourselves by limited by size issues. There are always ways to tailor them to people's needs.

What's the hardest step in constructing one of the dresses?

Probably the most difficult part is just getting started and putting together a pattern. She has to think about what kinds of clothes would flatter a particular body type. We have to think of how to flatter a particular body type. Also when thinking about particular motifs, [] and translating them into a particular item. Getting the basic shape of that pattern is crucial and most difficult so we can fit a wide variety of people.

I've noticed over the past few years that Lolita has become more popular. What advice would you give an aspiring lolita fashion designer?
We emphasize really paying attention to what is around you, and, of course, going to school and properly learning about all different kinds of fashion. The important thing is finding what really moves you and inspires you. When you find what inspires you, you can move forward from there.

When you put your brand together, were you expecting it to go worldwide, or was this all a pleasant surprise?
If I had to choose, it would be that I was surprised, but when we first started out working with Angelic Pretty and came to the brand, there's a place in Harujuku called La foret, which is a sort of department store with the exemplry pieces of Harujuku fashion. Working off those sort of places, we thought "we want to be more original than this, and not just stop hear and go further."

Anime Central 2012 was held at the Hyatt Regency O'hare and Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Illinois.
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