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Gay Gaming Con To Be Protested By Westboro

Already raising over $50,000 via Kickstarter, the first LGBT gaming convention GaymerCon, has found itself in the sights of Westboro baptist church, the same group that is famous for picketing the funerals of soldiers, in addition to numerous others such as Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

According to their Facebook, GaymerCon is slated to be held August 3-4, 2013, but the location hasn't been announced.

Techday reported that the notoriously anti-gay church took to Twitter this week to condemn the event, which has been deemed the "first gaming and geek lifestyle convention with a focus on LGBT culture."

In a hate-filled video, the church said that "Are we going to find out that the real reason Sonic needs all those rings is to complete his fabulous jewelry collection?"

In an earlier report, the organizers of GaymerCon stated their intention is to "safe space for this community to grow and flourish."

Already on board with the convention includes Jack DeVries out of IGN, Zach Weiner from SMBC Comics, and Matt Conn from the founding team of BandPage, in addition to "other visionaries and leaders from the LBGT & fundraising world".

Their Kickstarter page features a video from Ellen McLain, voice of GLaDOS from Portal to, encouraging people to support the convention.
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