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Sci-Fi and Comic Cons Own Labor Day Weekend

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Labor Day weekend this year was one of the biggest weekends for comic book fans, sci-fi fans, and anime fanatics across the country, with almost a dozen conventions happening that weekend - ranging from megacon Dragon*Con to first-year cons like Meta Con.

Meta Con brought together over a thousand fans in the first year, and they've already announced 2013. Here's are video highlights from Meta Con.

Dragon Con Parade
Dragon*Con, the largest sci-fi and fantasy convention in the entire country, brought tens of thousands of fans to downtown Atlanta to celebrate science fiction, costuming, comics, literature, art, and music. Dragon*Con features everything from a massive downtown parade to, according to the Huffington Post, sex!

In Portland, Maine, anime fans gathered for ANIMAINE, to celebrate Japanese animation. Chris Perry, of the Anime Defense Project, said, "We want it to feel more like a four-day theme park -- something where you don't feel like you have to be rushed into events."

The longest running, and only multi-national science fiction convention happened in Chicago over the weekend as well.

Many sci-fi and comic conventions are able to be hosted over Labor Day weekend as it is a holiday weekend. Corporations don't book these weekends for major events, as employees usually have them off for the holiday, and conventions can negotiate with hotels to host conventions at a discount. And attendees, many of whom may already have the weekend off, can attend without worrying about getting up early on Monday.
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