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Royale Mischief Maker

My name is Nakita and I go by the name Royal Mischief Maker. I’ve been into costumes since I was very little with cardcaptors, Pok√©mon, digimon and Sailor moon. When I was little I told my mom I wanted to be a princess like Usagi or when I was little Serena. When I was 10 my mom got me a sewing machine that was for yarn and paper. When I turned 13 I learned more from her and my sewing class at school and enjoyed it. 2006 my first Cosplay and con was Otakon as Aerith from Kingdom Hearts 2. After that I got hard core into. In 2013 I had my son Soul Micah who I named after Soul Eater Evans from the series Soul Eater and the voice actor of Soul. Friends Vic Mignogna and Todd Haberkorn helped name him. My well know cosplays are Lady Loki, Lucy Heartfilia (which I have her tattoo on my right hand like she does), Fai D Flowrite and my favorite is Coronation Elsa. My soon to be husband and son both cosplay. I make cosplays for friends and family and planing a cosplay wedding. I want to learn and improve in spandex costumes and armor making.