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Tom Fahn

Tom is best known as the voice of “Agumon” on the TV Series Digimon: Digital Monsters and recently reprised the role in the Digimon Adventure Tri movies and Video Game. Most recent Anime credits include Edens Zero for Bang Zoom! on Netflix and Cells at Work! Code Black for Funimation. Recent Video Game credits include Twin Mirror and One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows both for Bandai, as well as God of War for Sony. On Toonami Adult Swim, Tom’s voice can be heard on Dragon Ball Super, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Hunter X Hunter, Naruto and Bleach, among others.

Memorable career roles include Stu the Turtle and a Male Ox in Ice Age 2: The Meltdown directed by Carlos Saldanha for 20th Century Fox. Some Anime fans may remember Tom’s memorable death scene as Rocco Bonnaro in Cowboy Bebop with Steve Blum, directed by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn. A memorable Video Game credit includes begging for his life (yet again!) on Watchmen: The End Is Nigh directed by Collette Sunderman, and he’s also died several times, on several episodes, voicing several characters on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. A career highlight is working in the same studio on the old Hanna-Barbera lot where The Flintstones were recorded, playing the Woim in the Boid N Woim for Cartoon Network-What A Cartoon, directed by Kris Zimmerman.

From the early days of anime when it was known as Japanimation, other credits include The Guyver as Sho Fukamachi, and Orguss as Kei Katsuragi directed by Kevin Seymour. Originally from Huntington, New York, Tom always wanted to be an actor, but his greatest credits are his wife Dorothy, and their daughter. They live in Los Angeles where he is represented by the legendary Vanessa Gilbert at RSA.