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Jun 03, 12 at 8:04am

OCTOBER 13&14 2012 MillCreek Civic Center Chesterfield, Indiana SLAGACON (An Unofficial Transformers Fan Convention) is in its third year. SLAGACON 2012 will see the most guests they have ever had. Voice actors include Scott McNeil, Neil Kaplan and Jon Bailey Crumpton. SLAGACON 2012 will have other guests as well. Penciler, Rob Shum and Inker, Jake Isenberg will be holding a panel as well. SLAGACON 2012 has one guest left to announce. They will also be holding an beginners and advanced customizing class, taught FrenzyRumble. They will be holding several panels with the different guests, contests, a breakfast with the stars, a pizza dinner and much more.

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