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Many conventions are being cancelled as a result of COVID-19. It is recommended you check the convention's website before making plans for attendance.

Getting Attendees

Nov 19, 09 at 4:36pm

How do -you- go about getting attendees to a convention? I have experience going to local anime-themed events at local businesses, telling people at other conventions I go to, using convention websites to spread the word as well. There are probably tons of options.

mborzoi commented on Getting Attendees
Dec 22, 09 at 1:06pm

Number one best way to get more attendees at your con is to attend other cons. Throw interesting & fun parties. High cost isn't 100% necessary - be creative. Heck - throw your party at a time when others aren't. Mid afternoon Ice Cream social that only runs a couple hours. Make arrangements ahead of time & take over the consuite for a couple hours. But serving rice & roman just like the con suite won't get you noticed & remembered. Be pleasant & encouraging. Help out at the con you are attending & get to know their staff. This makes them want to come to your con & help you out too.

Dec 23, 09 at 10:15am

Attending cons: definitely big. It's one of the ways to get the habitual cosplayers and conattendees to come to a con that's somewhere in the region - and these are often the people that really really support cons. It's important to see it's not the only thing, though, since many first-year cons have a harder time attracting attendees that aren't local.

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