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Many conventions are being cancelled as a result of COVID-19. It is recommended you check the convention's website before making plans for attendance.
skye84 commented on Location search?
Nov 23, 15 at 11:36am

I second that, this site needs that option


The Organizing Committee welcomes participants from six continents to Computer Graphics and Animation 2015 during September 21-22 at San Antonio, USA, featuring excellent presentations and eminent Keynote speakers.

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catnipninja commented on Random
Jun 21, 15 at 9:52pm

Greetings! Just looking to socialize so I figured random would be a good start?

May 26, 15 at 4:05pm

Hi im a fur from South Africa , we would like to start a furry convention in SA but we lack the "organizing skill" any advice from a person who has helped with a furry convention would be appreciated... i just need a few tips... SA has about +-500 furrs on one sa furry site


Sorry, I'm new and it's kinda confusing me a lot ^^'

Mar 11, 15 at 10:14am

I'd love to get the calendar added to my google calendar, is there a direct link to the calendar that I can't find? Or can someone add a link for google calendars?

Jan 10, 15 at 9:14pm

I notice there are several "furry cons" that aren't listed under the tag "furry." But I have no way to add that tag. How do I add that tag? is one example.

Nov 07, 14 at 9:26am

Hello All,

Just a quick note that AnonyCon 2014 is taking place in Stamford CT on Dec. 5th - 7th. Check us out online at -

AnonyCon is an annual game convention that brings people together to have fun, help charity and showcase new games. Our schedule welcomes games of all types, and we try to feature games each year with opportunities for creative storytelling and problem solving.

We'd love to have you join us (whether you're looking to play or run a game)! Feel free to respond with any questions, I'll be happy to help.



AnonyCon 2014
Games So Good They Turn Undead!


Toronto's #1 Comic Books Show & Sale!

After a third consecutive sold out, Toronto Comic Books Show, TCBS will makes its big return on Sunday October 26th, 2014. Join as at the Toronto Plaza Hotel, located on 1677 Wilson Ave for another action packed day of buying, selling & trading with hundreds of the most passionate collectors and top vendors from all across Ontario.

To celebrate Halloween, come dress up as your favorite character or superhero and be entered into a contest for a chance at winning a CGC Graded Key Book. Winning costume announced at 2pm!

We also have a Grand Prize Draw! As we are known for being “The home of the big book giveaway” With every paid admission, you’ll be automatically entered into our final 3PM draw for a chance at one of the most iconic books of all time! An Amazing Spider-Man #129

Sunday October 26th, 2014


Toronto Plaza Hotel

1677 Wilson Ave
Near 400/401

Millions of Dollars worth of the greatest Comic Books + Memorabilia around!
•New & Vintage Comics Books includiing:
•Marvel, DC, Image & more!
•CGC Graded Books
•TV & Movie Memorabilia
•Action Figures
•Trade Paperback
•Gaming Cards + much more!

Thousands & Thousands of Comics Books starting from just $1!

A small sample of key comics books for sale at our last show in Toronto include:

Hulk 181
Amazing Spiderman 1
Amazing Spiderman 121
Amazing Spiderman 129
Amazing Spiderman 252
Amazing Spiderman 300
X-Men 94
Giant Size X-Men 1
New Mutants 98
Plus many more!



Show info:

$5.00 Door Fee (Includes free entry into Grand Prize Draw)

•FREE Parking
•FREE for Kids under 12

•Onsite ATM
•Select VISA/MC Vendors on hand

•Select PayPal/SQUARE Vendors on hand


Now is the time to try our show!
Space is very limited! Book ASAP should you want to be part of this event!

OR Follow us Twitter @tocomicshow

OR TEL416-294.4601


New Paltz Convention is a Gaming, Anime, LARP, Comics and Cosplay Convention, held on the SUNY New Paltz Campus in New Paltz, NY.

This year will be NPC's 9th year!

This convention runs for the entirety of one weekend, starting at 12pm for both Saturday and Sunday. Events run until 10pm or later on Saturday. On Sunday, events run until 7pm.

NPC is a student run convention, collaborated by the New Paltz Anime Club, LARP, Gaming Society, Comic Books United, and Cosplay Cartel.


TsunamiCon 2014

Wichita’s Premiere Tabletop Gaming Convention!

Join us for three solid days of gaming and related geekery at Wichita’s premiere tabletop gaming convention!

November 7th, 8th and 9th at the Hotel at Old Town in downtown Wichita Kansas.

After an extremely successful Kickstarter campaign, TsunamiCon is poised to put its mark on the map as one of the best gaming conventions in the Central United States.

What will you find at TsunamiCon?

Enjoy all kinds of boardgames, card games, tabletop roleplaying games, miniature wargames, LARPing, cosplay contests, live entertainment, gaming demos and so much more!

Take a spin in the Game Library - Included in the cost of your badge, play several free boardgames with your friends and other attendees during the three days of TsunamiCon.

Put on your best costume for the cosplay contest – Come and wow the crowd for a possible cash prize and additional prize support for several categories.

Open your coin purse at the Marketplace – Find games, game accessories, gifts, merchandise and a myriad selection of goods of every geeky ilk.

TsunamiCon’s list of sponsors include:

Steve Jackson Games, Reaper Miniatures, DGS Games, Black Blade Publishing,, Hero Complex Games and Entertainment, Mana Vault Casual Gaming & Collectibles, The Burrow: Gifts for Geeks, Civilized Animal Productions, Tab Creations, Sporadic Games, Flat Earth Hobbies and Solid Fiction Games and Books.

Come and join us for 3 days of fun!

Gaming area floor plan:


Hiya, fellow cosplayers! My buddies and I are going to the Creative Con in Panama City at Gulf Coast. But we are not certain about who we should go as. So we're turning to you! Should we do Four Swords, OR should we do Soul Eater? Your choice! oh here's me deviantart.. (Sorry I'm waiting until after my FIRST con ever to upload anything on it..)


NeoAniCon 2015 is a fanbase convention located on the eastcoast and held once a year and it's purpose is to promote and educate people beyond otakus about Asian Arts & Cultures such as Anime!

The event will be on March 13-15, 2015. Located at DoubleTree By BWI Airport
890 Elkridge Landing Rd, 21090
--What kind of staff we need?
Here's an explanation for Division and Department Heads:

"There will be a Division Head who oversees all the departments within that division and a Department Head who oversees just the staff who are assigned to each departments. The Division Head has final say for anything that occurs within their departments and can decide to override any decisions made by a department head. The Chief of Staff and the President has final say on the staff in each departments, final say on who becomes the Department and Division Heads. The Con Chair and Vice Con Chair has the authority to override the Department and Division Heads if needed."

No Experience Nessacary! Just be a leader with the seriousness to learn and lead and have fun! Interested in applying?
Apply Here:

Lord Marshall
May 15, 14 at 12:34pm
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Lord Marshall started
Lord Marshall
May 15, 14 at 12:29pm
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marksnutt commented on Site suggestion
May 13, 14 at 8:54am

For example, VidCon is an internet video convention. (
Many people summarize it as a YouTube convention, but there's no category for it.

Another example, "My Little Pony" conventions. It's not anime or a furry con. Where does it go?

nagucon started NC:2014
Apr 07, 14 at 6:14pm

If you find yourself in the Montana area, check out Nagu Con. The convention is July 25-27th, 2014. A great small local convention that would love to meet you!

Mar 11, 14 at 9:40am

Hm, email me. We can talk more once you do.

Feb 05, 14 at 4:27pm

Upcoming convention in Dayton, Ohio which caters to all types of Geeks no matter the genre of field of interest.

Feb 11, 14 at 11:42am

Hi Everyone! My name is Krystal and I work for an event ticketing company that has recently been working with brony and anime conventions and I just wanted to learn more about the communities behind the conventions. I'm not trying to spam or sell anything. I'm genuinely interested in hearing how we could provide a better registration experience from the people that actually attend and enjoy these conferences and events.

Any input would be much appreciated!

Jan 23, 14 at 5:54pm

I do please add me on and send me a message.

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