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VisionCon 2023

Oct 13-15, 2023
Springfield, MO
Springfield Expo Center
Springfield, MO

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About VisionCon 2023

What is Visioncon? Mission Statement: Visioncon, INC is a 501(3)c nonprofit organization with a passionate belief that we all have a responsibility to contribute charitable activities to help improve the local community. About Visioncon: For more than two decades, Visioncon has been the annual comic book, science fiction, fantasy, live action, role playing and gaming convention and is expecting 4,000 people to attend in 2017 at the Branson Convention Center. Since it started, Visioncon has had two main goals: offer a fun convention for all ages and to raise money for local charities. More than 25 years later, Visioncon has given tens of thousands to area nonprofits. Scores of volunteers map out the action-packed weekend months in advance to bring the best convention experience possible. In the midst of cosplayers, vendors, on-going gaming, panels, guest speakers and more, there's a feeling of community in every corner.
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