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Conventions in Washington

Anime and game convention.
Madison, WI
Sep 16, 2023
Anime and cosplay convention.
Jacksonville, FL
Oct 13-15, 2023
Comic convention.
Nov 11, 2023

Further Back

These conventions have also happened in Washington. Explore our complete convention database to discover new events.
Seattle, WA
Apr 7-9, 2023
Fort Washington, MD
Feb 17-19, 2023
Seattle, WA
Jan 5-8, 2023
Jacksonville, FL
Oct 15-16, 2022
Fort Washington, MD
Aug 26-28, 2022
Warren, OH
Jul 9-10, 2022

What are fan conventions?

If you haven't been to a fan convention yet then you are missing out! Hundreds of thousands of people go to fan conventions every year. In fact, some of the largest fan conventions like San Diego Comic Con in San Diego, California and Japan Expo in Paris, France have over 100,000 people attend! Conventions include all kinds of fandoms, ranging from furry fans to people who love anime.

How to prepare for a convention in Washington.

First thing to do is get your tickets. Tickets for conventions often go on-sale far in advance of the event, so check the official website for your event to find out how much tickets cost. Prices can vary widely between conventions, with major festivals charging far more than small and intimate local shows.

After you have your tickets you need to plan transportation and lodgings. Many people attend fan conventions for several days. These conventions often publish a hotel room block that allows you to book hotel rooms at a significant discount. Most conventions take place over a weekend and so this makes for a nice retreat from the mundane world of the day-to-day.