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Camden Toy

Camden Toy is best known for playing some of the creepiest and scariest villains on BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER. He played one of the Gentlemen in the Emmy Award nominated episode “Hush”, the skin eating demon Gnarl, and the recurring role of The Ubervamp. He also appeared on ANGEL as The Prince of Lies. Currently he can be seen in the television series GOODNIGHT BURBANK and THE BAY, and as Dr. Kerr in Robert Hall’s film CHROMESKULL: LAID TO REST 2. Other projects include THE LEGEND OF ZELDA, XXIT, THE VORTEX, VALIANT, BARE

KNUCKLES, SEBASTIAN, THE GODMOTHER, MANSFIELD PATH, ALL SOULS DAY: DIA DE LOS MUERTOS, PRIVATEER, TRICKERY MIMICRY, IMMORTALLY YOURS, and playing the evil Colonel in the trailer spoof THELMA & LOUISE ll: AVATARS OF PANDORA on G4TV with Olivia Munn and Eva Amurri. Upcoming projects include Joe Hollow’s DISCIPLES, Shayne Leighton’s OF LIGHT AND DARKNESS, Anthony Brownrigg’s ARCHAIC REDEMPTION, James L. Bills’ HARVEST, and Stan Derain’s WAR OF THE DRAGON.

Convention Appearances By Camden Toy
All-Con 2012