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Conventions in Missouri

Anime and cosplay convention.
St. Charles, MO
Apr 21-23, 2023
Scifi and game convention.
West Plains, MO
Apr 28-30, 2023
Scifi, game, and cosplay convention.
Kansas City, MO
Jun 2-4, 2023
Multi-genre convention.
Jefferson City, MO
Jun 15-18, 2023
Scifi convention.
Springfield, MO
Oct 13-15, 2023

Fan Conventions in Missouri

Fans celebrate their love of anime, video games, or comic books at conventions across the state of Missouri. Going to one of these conventions is a great adventure, almost as exciting as going to your nearest theme park. Conventions can include costumes, dressing up, roleplaying, gaming tournaments, science-fiction readings, and more. Every convention is a little bit different from every other convention.