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Heroes 4 Hire

Heroes 4 Hire is an American hip hop music duo from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The group consists of Tray-Digga The Legendary Super Saiyan and Ray Riley Tha Shinigami respectively and are often backed-up by The Mech Warrior DJ, Awesome Prime. The Duo, Specializing in Nerdcore hip hop, are a hidden gem of the East Coast. Often a surprise to most crowds on first encounter, but an instant fan favorite of the tri-state music scene. They are best know for their animated and hardcore delivery in live performances, carefully crafted lyrics and nerdy references that will sucker punch you right out of the track! Heroes 4 Hire is one of the most enlightening additions to this era of music anyone has ever seen.

Follow Hereos 4 Hire on Twitter @heroes4hireh4h, Instagram @heroes4hireofficial, SoundCloud @heroes4hireofficial and also check them out on Spotify!