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Josh Grelle

A native Texan, Josh Grelle was raised on stage and in the art studios of Central Texas. He performed on stage at the Tin Building Theatre for over 15 years prior to starting work for ADV Films at the start of 2004. Since then he has worked for ADV Films (Seraphim) and FUNimation Entertainment on numerous projects.

Josh is known for playing the outrageous Taishi in COMIC PARTY: REVOLUTION; Kyohei Takano in Shinichi Watanabe’s (AKA Nabeshin) comedy THE WALLFLOWER; Kenichi Shirahama in KENICHI: THE MIGHTIEST DESCIPLE; Akihisa Yoshii in BAKA AND TEST; Kouchi Hayase in LINEBARRELS OF IRON; and Akisha in SHIKABANE HIME . He can also be seen as Chaos in TSUBASA CHRONICLES; Hatake in BIG WINDUP!; Ox Ford in SOUL EATER; G-6 and various villains in GATCHAMAN; Edward V in BLACK BUTLER; Viscount Wolkins in PUMPKIN SCISSORS; Lithuania in HETALIA: AXIS POWERS; and Hammer in XENOSAGA: THE ANIMATION. Josh was also recently involved in the much anticipated HALO: LEGENDS project, playing the role of “Haka” in Production I.G.’s “THE DUEL”

Josh has also lent his vocal talents to such shows as: ROMEOxJULIET; NERIMA DAIKON BROS; D.GRAY-MAN; ONE PIECE;KIBA;AIR GEAR; MERMAID MELODY PICHI PICHI PICH; and many more. Josh was also ADR Script Writer for the magical harem comedy MAGIKANO–which he also provided voices for–and Assistant Writer for MOONLIGHT MILE.

Aside from theatre and the Anime Industry, Josh has also worked in the Comic Book industry as a freelance colorist doing “the grunt work” for Marvel Comics and a few other studios around the world.

Convention Appearances By Josh Grelle
Tora-Con 2014
Ushicon 2014
Anime Detour 2012