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Anime Detour 2012

Mar 30-Apr 1, 2012
Minneapolis, MN
Sheraton Bloomington Hotel
Minneapolis, MN

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About Anime Detour 2012

Anime Detour is the first, longest-running, and best anime con in Minnesota. While very few upcoming cons in the area are as fantastic as Anime Detour and the new AniMinneapolis, not even the best of the new cons can beat Anime Detour's rich history, huge event list, and solid planning.
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Guests of Honor
Greg Ayres Greg Ayres voice actor
Chris Ayres Chris Ayres director
Kyle Hebert Kyle Hebert voice actor
Carrie Savage Carrie Savage voice actress
Josh Grelle Josh Grelle voice actor
Clarine Harp Clarine Harp voice actor
Taliesin Jaffe Taliesin Jaffe director
Allison Keith-Shipp Allison Keith-Shipp voice actor
YTCracker YTCracker nerdcore rapper
Richard Townsend Richard Townsend webcomic writer
Shannon Townsend Shannon Townsend webcomic artist
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