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Mimiru Riley

Cosplayer, graphic designer, costume designer, artist, aspiring actress and Japanese dancer; Mimiru has been in the hobby for a little over 15 years. Now, she wishes to further her skills and experience and join the industry, fabricating costumes and going further into acting. Now she is working with RetroHawk Productions in the filming for Antediluvian, a Steampunk Webseries as Commander Miranda Rose.

She loves the cosplay community and even dedicated her senior thesis to researching controversies in the community and how to help prevent controversies and arguments from putting a gap in the community. She believes that cosplay is for everyone and strives to create a more inclusive community for cosplayers. Cosplay is about fun and passion and no one get’s left behind! For her, it is important that everyone involved in the community feels welcome and feels as if they belong.

On top of acting and costuming, Mimiru has a deep love for Japanese culture and language, and conducted research in Japan, traveling to Nagasaki, Tokyo, Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto, Nara and Hiroshima. A couple of months later, she once again returned to Osaka to study at Kansai University in Suita. Mimiru also has a background in Nihon Buyou (traditional Japanese dance) and has learned in both, the United States and Japan.