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Bara No Toshi Con 2015

Feb 20-22, 2015
Tyler, TX
Magnuson Grand Hotel and Conference Center, Tyler TX
Tyler, TX
Con Statistics
Medium (1-5K)
5K Attendees

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Official Review

We read reports from guest's Facebook pages online that the convention did not pay its guests properly during the convention. Congoers may have been able to have a good time at the convention by having fun with fellow congoers, but a smaller turnout than expected and higher costs than expected caused the convention to turn out to be pretty disorganized. Organizers don't expect to hold a second year.

About Bara No Toshi Con 2015

The first Anime Convention being held in Tyler, TX!!! It will be held on February 20-22, 2015 at the Magnuson Grand Hotel and Conference Center off Troup Hwy and Golden Rd. With a great guest line up, many fun and interesting panels, Cosplay contests, awesome artists and vendors and many other events; Tyler may never be the same again!
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Guests of Honor
  • Anime Industry Panels
  • Anime Music Videos
  • Anime Screenings
  • Artist Alley
  • Board Games
  • Collectable Card Games
  • Cosplay Events With Prizes
  • Cosplay Events Without Prizes
  • Dealer Room
  • Dinner
  • Fan Panels
  • For Fee Autographs
  • Free Autographs
  • General Cosplay All Over
  • Guest Panels
  • Maid Cafe
  • Role Playing Games
  • Video Gaming
  • Workshops
Bara No Toshi Con 2015

Bara No Toshi Con is categorized as a medium-size anime convention. A medium convention often has a lot of elements of a huge event, such as major concerts or big named special guests, but these are usually the main highlights of the convention while everything else is not quite as big. However at this size, there are still swarms and swarms of cosplayers, with maybe 50% or more of all attendees participating in costuming at some point during the convention. Medium size anime cons tend to have quite a few different events happening at any given time, and it's usually hard to be bored or have nothing interesting to do so long as you are a fan of some anime.

A convention with fewer than 5,000 attendees is often significantly easier to attend than a larger convention, depending on the location. Parking may be easier or cheaper, and hotel rooms may be closer to event spaces than in a larger venue. In some places finding cheap food nearby may be difficult, but often venues have their own snacks and food stands. While there are fewere people, there is usually still plenty of opportunity to find and form cosplay groups and to show off fancy or elaborate costumes - which may themselves become a feature of the convention.

Suggestions for attendees of Bara No Toshi Con 2015

Medium-sized cons like Bara No Toshi Con may have a lot happening in the schedule, so congoers are encouraged to study it and past year's schedules to plan for events they want to attend. Registering for the convention early online may save a lot of money versus registering when you get there, however anime cons will often sell "badges" and not tickets, which may sometimes not be refundable. If events last late into the night, getting a hotel room will alleviate the stress of commuting but may add extra stress when paying for it if roommates back out or fail to pay their fair share. It is always encouraged to pack as early as possible so that nothing is forgotten at home, as leaving the convention to get things will reduce time at the convention.