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HavenCon 2015

Jan 10, 2015
Austin, Texas
Holiday Inn Midtown
Austin, Texas

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About HavenCon 2015

Gaming: We will have a full 2000 sq feet of video and tabletop gaming set up and sponsored by GamersBeard. This area will be open to all attendees from open to close on both days. You will find a wide selection of various generation gaming available here as well as 2 tournaments running throughout both days. Day 1 tournament will be Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Day 2 tournament will be Super Smash Bros. Wii U TableTop games by Steve Jackson Games, Arcane Wonders, Topwise Games, and more! You can also BYOG for the TableTop area. If you’d like to submit games for our game library, please contact Cosplay: There will be a lot of Cosplay throughout the entire event, and we are happy to have you all. Some Cosplay themed activities and events include: Cosplay Contest Cosplay panels featuring various artists and covering a wide range of topics. Coming Out Cosplay – The story of how Cosplay helped Alexa Heart transition. Special Guest Speakers: Doctor Rebecca Housel – Pop Culture Professor – Mistress of Ceremonies. Dr. Housel will be hosting our ceremonies and leading panels throughout the event. She will also be giving talks on the Whedonverse and Vampires in Pop Culture. Dylan Edwards – Queer Comic Artist – Dylan will be participating in various queer comic and writing themed panels Alexa Heart – A transgendered Cosplay Artist will be hosting and participating in a wide range of Cosplay themed events. Finji Games – IndieDev creators from Finji Games will be showing off their latest creations and talking about game development. Daniel Harvell – Author Daniel Harvell will be joining us to discuss his writing. “Doctor Who Couple” TJ and Timmy Mundell – Patterson – These adorable Whovians will be talking about marriage equality in Texas, their adventure through space and time to bring families together and their amazing Doctor Who theme engagement, wedding, and honeymoon. Caitlynn French – Voice Actor – Join VA Caitlynn French and company as they talk about entering the voice acting scene. Special Activities: The Big Gay Cosplay Wedding – Join Minister Man Kenny Peters in a ceremony of love. Come dressed in your finest and come together with your other geeks to show that Love is Love. That is just a start to what will be happening. We have more guests, more panels and a lot of fun stuff planned. So, keep an eye on, and we’ll see you in April!
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