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BLAM presents AfroComicCon 2017

October 21-22, 2017
6601 Shellmound St., Emeryville, CA
SAE Expression College
6601 Shellmound St., Emeryville, CA

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About BLAM presents AfroComicCon 2017

AfroComicCon is the premiere comic con event for people of color and the African diaspora in the Bay Area. BLAM (Black, Latino, Asian, Manifested) presents AfroComicCon. This is our first annual comic book, Art, media, science fiction, technology awareness, web TV, film and writing convention. AfroComicCon’s mission is to open doors for everyone, but especially for people of color, in the arts, and media professions that have not been adequately inclusive. We want to encourage the production and of images and storytelling that embraces diverse fictional heroes and icons, thus sewing fertile ground for the empowerment of people of color. There will be workshops and panel discussions focusing on literacy, comic book, graphic novel and fine art creation as well as on gateway carreers in an industry not well represented by women and people of color. In a landscape predominantly owned, operated and colorized by one group, this is a critical time in our community (and country) to present opportunities and create avenues into the film/technology industries as creators, writers, and designers of our own Super-HE and SHE-roes. Cosplay; is a contraction of the words costume and play. There will be Performance Art and fashion show plus, costumed dancers. We are creating a different kind of cosplay. Cosplayers will wear costumes depicting various characters who are representing people of color or are different from the standard comicbook super heroes. This event will be supported by local art and fashion vendors, who will share the latest fashion accessories like Steampunk, afrofuturism or other fantasy wear. There will be some artists who will be contributing to the show by displaying their work on the walls of the gallery. In addition to the Cosplay fashion show, there will be a DJ, a live local band Samba Funk. Food, drinks sold to participants 21 and older. Those 21 year of age and old partaking in drinking will be required to wear a wrist-band to purchase alcoholic beverages.
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Guests of Honor
Robin Claire Barnes
Ty Scott
Zahrah Farmer
Doug Stewart
William Jones
Robin Claire Barnes
Brian Clarke
Linda McDonald
Soma Mei Sheng Frazier
Mick Mancuso (program chair, Game Art and Design)
Duane Deterville
Leslie Light
Joe Lambert
Koi Turnbull
Naseed Gifted
Fred Highbaugh Jr.
Joseph Thompson and Chris Adams
Robert Stewart
Jaimel Hemphill
Rebecca Cohen
JonBoy Meyers
Malik Seneferu
Karl Dabney
Leon Sykes
Ty Walker
Malcolm Harris
Ajuan Mance
Kayan Cheung-Miaw
Crista Burton
Tajai Massey
Damari J. Lawrence
Danielle Harmon
Gregory Cipes
Chrysta Maire Burton
Jahmee Goh
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BLAM presents AfroComicCon 2017