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CoreCon 2018

May 24-27, 2018
Fargo, ND
Fargo, ND

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About CoreCon 2018

CoreCon is a yearly non-profit Science Fiction / Fantasy / Horror / Anime Convention held in Fargo-Moorhead area. Since 2009, CoreCon has been and always will be a fan and volunteer run convention. All of our staff and volunteers are fans and we look to bring to CoreCon what we, as fans, would like to see at CoreCon. Some of our staff changes from year to year as we find new Inner Core members and Consuls (three heads to the convention staff) each year. This keeps fresh ideas coming into CoreCon and brings in new events, rooms and even brings in more for all ages. The Inner Core strives to be as inclusive as possible and open to new ideas from everyone, while staying within the realm of the four pillars. If you have ideas you can feel free to speak to anyone in the Inner Core or speak to the Consuls by emailing them at We want CoreCon to be what you want as well.
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