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NuCon 2018

June 8-10, 2018
Gadsden, AL
Gadsden Convention Hall
Gadsden, AL

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About NuCon 2018

Including everything from ANIME to Zombies. The three day event has something for everyone. Located close to resturants, lodging and shopping. The costume contest is Saturday at 2pm. Come browse comics, toys, costumes, jewelery, sit in on the panels or just hang out as your favorite character.
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Guests of Honor
Gil Gerard, Janet Gerard, Doc Osborne, Stephanie Osborn, Rick Montana, Tom Stedham, Michael Lacky, MeLeesa Swann, Keith Wahl, Derrick Newton, Megan Newton, Jesse Long, Jared Jordan, Freddy Clements, C.A.P.E.R.S., 501st, Anniston Bigfoot Group, Brian Alexander, ATG Entertainment
  • Dealer Room
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