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CinCityCon 2018

Oct 12-14, 2018
Cincinnati, OH
Sharonville Convention Center
Cincinnati, OH

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About CinCityCon 2018

CinCityCon is back for a second year and may be the best Con you've never heard of. After just one year, CinCityCon outgrew its space and had to move upstairs at the convention center. (We've already warned the convention center folks we plan to take over the whole building in a couple years.) CinCityCon is home to the Ginormous Library of over 1500 games, a walk through experience unlike any other. There will be plenty of open tables for all kinds of tabletop events. We have a large number of scheduled RPGs both for league play and con-only events. Last year, we were overwhelmed by the support for Cosplay and so that has been given a larger stage this year. Plus with the addition of LARP, we expect a costume-filled experience all weekend. Additionally, we will be expanding Artemis Spaceship Simulator and adding a Laser Tag event. And don't miss out on our very successful game swap and flea market. Finally, we have a very special surprise courtesy of Cincinnati Arsenal Gaming that we cannot quite tell you about yet. But it will be incredible!
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