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AnthroExpo 2019

Oct 18-20, 2019
Oklahoma City, OK
Wyndham Northwest Expressway
Oklahoma City, OK

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About AnthroExpo 2019

AnthroExpo is Oklahoma City's new premiere Anthropomorphic hotel convention. Located in the heart of Oklahoma, we cater to the Furry fandom and similar interest and hobbies. Come join us in our inaugural year as we celebrate the Furry community and surrounding communities with our weekend celebration of incredible music, vibrant artwork, and an amazing people!
AnthroExpo 2019 Pictures
  • Artist Alley
  • Board Games
  • Charity Auction
  • Dance
  • Dealer Room
  • Dinner
  • General Cosplay All Over
  • Hospitality
  • Karaoke
  • Role Playing Games
  • Video Gaming
  • Workshops
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