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BayCon 2020

May 22-25, 2020
San Mateo, CA
San Mateo, CA

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About BayCon 2020

Announcing BayCon 2020 The Bay Area's Premier Science Fiction & Fantasy Convention Home of the Starfleet International Conference 2020 BayCon 2020 returns for its 38th year, and will again be hosting the convention at the San Mateo Airport San Francisco Marriott (at Hwy 92 & 101 in San Mateo, CA) over Memorial Day Weekend, May 22-25, 2020. The Future is Now! This year's theme celebrates science fiction's influence on our present day. Guests of Honor Writer Guest of Honor Cory Doctorow Let's let him tell you how excited he is. Click on Cory's picture to see his message to BayCon 2020.
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