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Monroe Comic-Con 2021

Sep 18, 2021
Monroe, MI
MB&T Expo Center
Monroe, MI

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About Monroe Comic-Con 2021

The Monroe Pop Fest Returns Saturday September 18, 2021 We miss the in person comic conventions! I mean the virtual one we had was fun and needed but its nothing like seeing thousands of smiling faces and even the few grumpy ones ;) That being said, The Monroe Pop Fest will return Saturday September 18, 2021 for our 9th annual show! We will be back bigger and better than ever! Not only will we be back but so will our good friend James O'Barr, creator of The Crow! More guests already confirmed and only a handful of artist alley, vendor and exhibitor booths are left! ‚Äč More news coming soon but lets get through 2020 safe first and together make 2021 a year to remember!
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