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DunDraCon 2022

Feb 18-21, 2022
Santa Clara, CA
Santa Clara Marriot
Santa Clara, CA

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About DunDraCon 2022

DunDraCon 43, the West Coast's Premier Role-playing Games Convention, will be held at the San Ramon Marriott Hotel, 2600 Bishop Drive, San Ramon, CA, (925) 867-9200 On Presidents Weekend; From 10 am Fri., Feb. 15 until 4 pm Mon., Feb. 18, 2019(events run 24 hrs a day). $55 for the full weekend until January 31st; $70 at the door for the weekend; $40 for One Day Registration.Pre-register online until Jan. 31 with Paypal for discount rate and access to early games!DunDraCon features social games for all ages, including RPGs, LARPs, miniatures, cards, board games, etc. Also this year: RPGA, Protospiel, Pathfinder Society, the War College, seminars, demos, martial arts exhibitions, dealers room, anime room, kid and teen events, open gaming areas and more.
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