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FlatCon 2022

Oct 7-9, 2022
Bloomington-Normal, IL, IL, USA
Bloomington-Normal, IL
Bloomington-Normal, IL, IL, IL


About FlatCon 2022

FlatCon, Bloomington-Normal’s tabletop games festival, will be back from October 7-9, 2022 at the Interstate Center! FlatCon will have everything from Settlers of Catan to Dungeons & Dragons to minis to Pathfinder and much much more. Cosplay, local artists and authors, and vendors too! If you like games, you’ll find a game you like at FlatCon.
  • Board Games
  • Collectable Card Games
  • General Cosplay All Over
  • Pick Up Games
  • Role Playing Games
FlatCon 2022