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Anime Crossroads 2023

Feb 24-26, 2023
Indanapolis, IN
Events Center at Embassy Suites Plainfield
Indanapolis, IN

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About Anime Crossroads 2023

Anime Crossroads is a captivating anime convention held in Indianapolis, renowned as the city's largest gathering for anime enthusiasts. The event delivers a dynamic experience with a multitude of attractions. Take part in activities like the 'Crossroads Idol Fête' and 'Cosplay Masquerade,' or enjoy the rhythm of 'Friday Night Social Electronic Dance Party'. The convention includes various live events and panels, as well as a special viewing lounge for attendees to relax and socialize. For the cosplay fans, applications are open for both casual and professional cosplayers, and there are valuable opportunities to meet the community's celebrated figures such as Khoi Dao, Laura Stahl, and Michelle Ruff. Additionally, the convention features appearances and performances by Oriana Perón, an esteemed cosplaying costume and fashion designer. The event also includes the bustling 'Vendor Hall' open all three days, showcasing the best of anime merchandise. Immerse yourself in this vibrant world at Anime Crossroads.
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