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SSAS Toracon 2023

Feb 4, 2023
Sarasota, FL
717 Central Ave
Sarasota, FL

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About SSAS Toracon 2023

Engage in the exhilarating world of anime, gaming, comics, and science fiction at the SSAS Toracon. This captivating and family-friendly convention, organized by the Sarasota School of Arts + Sciences Anime Club, is specifically designed for middle school enthusiasts but graciously welcomes fans of all ages. Delve into the fascinating facets of the anime universe, witness ground-breaking martial arts demonstrations, participate in high-energy video game tournaments, and showcase your creativity in a spectacular cosplay contest. Toracon doesn't stop there! Discover the enticing technological realm of laser tag, bounce off your excitement in gigantic bounce houses, master the art of "Harry Potter" wand-making, and revel in the experience of a unique Maid Cafe. Browse through local vendors and artists displaying their anime-inspired artwork and merchandise. With an extensive schedule packed full of a myriad of exciting activities and performances, SSAS Toracon invites you to immerse yourself in an epic world of imagination, creativity, and above all, fun!
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