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Revelcon 2023

Mar 24-26, 2023
Houston, TX
Houston, TX

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About Revelcon 2023

Welcoming fans of both genres and slash fictions, RevelCon has been a beloved haven for fan culture in the Southwest United States. Known for its casual, relax-a-con environment and zinefest format, it caters to devotees of various media who gather for a full weekend of immersive fun. Highlights include curated panels, mesmerizing fan vids, unique merchandise, and diverse art displays, all contributing to the convention's vibrant atmosphere. RevelCon, in its truest spirit, is about celebrating the unity amongst fans and fostering a tight-knit community. RevelCon 33, held in Houston, TX, marked the grand finale of this fan-centric convention, pulling the curtain after 33 years of annual gatherings filled with food, friends, frolic and unforgettable memories. The event was particularly marked Thanks to those who attended, helping RevelCon go out in style with a year to remember.
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