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Epic Nerd Camp 2023

Aug 19-23, 2023
Darlington, MD
Camp Ramblewood
Darlington, MD

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About Epic Nerd Camp 2023

Welcome to Epic Nerd Camp, the ultimate summer retreat for adults who harbour a love for all things fantasy, gaming, and sci-fi. This 5 day, 4 night geekdom extravaganza, open exclusively to those aged 21 and over, is a real-life role-playing venture set in the stellar location of Darlington, MD. With a medley of activities ranging from tabletop game battles to live-action role-playing, attendees get an authentic in-game experience, all while developing mastery in archery, swordplay and even crafting! But Epic Nerd Camp is so much more than a collection of fantasy pursuits. It’s a place where like-minded individuals interact and form lasting friendships within a community only summer camp can foster. Each day is tailor-made, with small group classes and large-scale adventures according to your personalized schedule. Our home, Camp Ramblewood, goes the extra mile in ensuring comfort with well-equipped cabins and three inclusively-catered meals a day. So come join the community hailed as THE BEST and bask in an experience forged through creativity, games and “hero” skills.
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