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Katsucon 2024

Feb 16-18, 2024
Fort Washington, MD
Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center
Fort Washington, MD

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About Katsucon 2024

Katsucon is a vibrant, annual three-day fan convention dedicated to celebrating Japanese animation, society, traditional, and popular culture. Set in the buzzing atmosphere of Fort Washington, MD, this convention is an immersive odyssey into a world of multicultural enthusiasm and entertainment. Powered by Katsucon Entertainment, Inc., an esteemed educational entity, Katsucon brings Japanese culture to life in an array of dynamic events and experiences. Attendees can engage with the latest trends in anime, participate in thrilling cosplay contests and a mesmerizing formal ball, enjoy captivating karaoke sessions and live programming, and immerse in the enchanting world of JFashion. The gathering also involves a Cherry Tea Maid Café, and special events such as the Anime Music Videos show and engaging meet-up events, including a cosplay meetup and dance lounge meetup. Among the major highlights are an interactive artist alley, an art show with a dedicated platform showcasing multiple artists. Katsucon not just entertains but dedicates an equal emphasis on education through enlightening live programming events, reinforcing its commitment to sharing the richness of Japanese culture.
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