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HorrorConUK 2024

May 11-12, 2024
Sheffield, England
Sheffield, England


About HorrorConUK 2024

Delve into the heart of fear at HorrorConUK, the UK's original horror convention. Held annually in Sheffield, England, this event is a chilling celebration of all things horror, a gathering spot for the bravest fans and enthusiasts of the macabre genre. Over two days, attendees will get a bone-chilling chance to interact with iconic guest stars, raid the halls for spooky memorabilia, participate in spine-tingling panels, and leave no tombstone unturned within the ominous setting of Sheffield’s Magna centre. Something wicked definitely comes this way in May, when HorrorConUK reigns as the foremost horror geek haunt. Be ready to face your fears at HorrorConUK, where horror meets thrill in a uniquely terrifying experience. This annual event, established in 2015, unfurls a dark carpet to a variety of attractions, from exclusive screenings of horror classics to interactive Q&A sessions with celebrated horror personalities. Each crack and cranny of Sheffield's Magna arena holds a surprise, be it an intriguing exhibition or a themed experience that will make your blood curdle. With an onslaught of ghastly goodies, its spectral surprises will satisfy even the most ravenous horror aficionado. Secure your tickets now and join this ghastly gathering in May 2024. After all, HorrorConUK isn't just a convention, it's a spine-chilling revelation!
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, Sheffield, England GB
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