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A&G OHIO 2010

Mar 12-14, 2010
Cincinnati, OH
Holiday Inn Eastgate
Cincinnati, OH

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About A&G OHIO 2010

A&G OHIO 2010<br /> <br /> Where:<br /> Holiday Inn Eastgate<br /> 4501 Eastgate Blvd.<br /> Cincinnati, OH. 45245<br /> <br /> Guests:<br /> Chris Patton - Air Gear (Itsuki "Ikki" Minami), Area 88 (Shin Kazuma), Fullmetal Alchemist (Greed), and Ghost Stories (Hajime Aoyama)<br /> <br /> DM Ashura - Here Goes Are DJ From Year 1 DM Ashura To Run Are Dance Once Again In Year 3!<br /> <br /> GPX Gaming - Glad To Have GPX Gaming Back Working With Our Game Staff And Running Some Awesome Game Rooms!<br /> <br /> DC Douglas - Albert Wesker (RE:5 / Umbrella Cronicles), Kamogawa Genji (Hajime no Ippo), Gabi, Taihaku (.hack//G.U. Vol 1-3), and Alexei (Tales of Vesperia).<br /> <br /> Nerdfit Network - The Nerdfit Network formed in the year 2006 to bring forth some great entertainment to the world. From shenanigans in video form, a full on radio station with great radio shows, panels at conventions and bringing out DJs from all over the east coast for shows and DJ gigs, you can count on the Nerdfit team to make your A&G Experience more enjoyable.<br /> <br /> (More Guests To Come)<br /> <br /> Events:<br /> Cosplay Wrestling, Live Action Zelda, Operation Virus Game, Cosplay Musical, Nerf Warz, and Battle Of The Rock Bands! <br /> Book your hotel room now and get an awesome $93.00 a night rate, that comes with a hot breakfast buffet fully equipped with eggs, bacon, pancakes and all the other goods to get you off to a great morning!<br /> <br /> Book a hotel room and your badge before Jan. 1st , 2010 and receive a badge for a friend free from A&G Ohio!! *Hotel must be a 2 night stay.*<br />
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A&G OHIO 2010 • A&G OHIO 2010

Guests of Honor
D.C. Douglas
Chris Patton
DM Ashura
Nerdfit Network
Gavin Goszka
GPX Gaming
Sleeping Samurai
Wraith Games
Troy Baker Troy Baker voice actor
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A&G OHIO 2010