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Ichibancon 2014

Jan 9-12, 2014
Concord, NC
Embassy Suites Concord
Concord, NC

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About Ichibancon 2014

Ichibancon 2014 is a anime convention happening in 2014 at the Embassy Suites Concord in Concord, NC in the area around Charlotte, North Carolina. We will be having 4 days of events in January of 2014 with tons of fun events to attend, a dealers room, video showings, an artist alley, a big video and tabletop game room, an awesome rave, plenty of good panels, cosplay contest and much more!
Ichibancon 2014 Pictures
Guests of Honor
Vic Mignogna voice actor
Chuck Huber voice actor
Bryce Papenbrook voice actor
Jad Saxton voice actor
Ichibancon 2014