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Who-ya Extended

Creator unit centered around Who-ya (Vocal) who call themselves “Who-ya Extended”. Chosen for the OP theme song for anime “PSYCHO-PASS 3” in October 2019, leading to their major debut with the song ‘Q-vism’ a month later. The song charted #1 on the iTunes song chart and Amazon digital chart in Japan, making a grand debut. The music video of ‘Q-vism’ on YouTube reached over 1 million views soon after it was launched. In January 2021, their song ‘VIVID VICE’ was chosen as the OP theme song for worldwide popular anime “Jujutsu Kaisen.” The song topped Oricon daily digital charts as it was released. Later in April, they did their one-take performance of both ‘Q-vism’ and ‘VIVID VICE’ on the well-known YouTube music channel “THE FIRST TAKE.” With more anime tie-in songs released throughout 2021, in April 2022 they were picked up to sing the ED theme song ‘A Shout Of Triumph’ for anime “Build Divide: Code White”.