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The Great Lakes Comic Expo (Fall) 2023

Oct 7, 2023
Clinton Township, MI
Trinity Lutheran Church
Clinton Township, MI

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About The Great Lakes Comic Expo (Fall) 2023

Join comic enthusiasts from across the region at the Great Lakes Comic Expo - Fall Edition. This one-day event, located at Trinity Lutheran Church and School in Clinton Township, Michigan, runs from 10AM to 3:30PM on October 7, 2023. Dive into the vibrant world of comics, explore your favorite universes, and leave no page unturned. Featuring a variety of events and activities, the famed Great Lakes Comic Expo promises an action-packed day for all attendees. Get your hands on the coveted Early Bird admission for exclusive early access and a chance to enter the specially held "Early Bird Door Prize Raffle." The expo also offers a full day of hourly door prize raffles starting at noon, amplifying your chances to walk away with awesome comic-themed goodies. The expo provides free admission for children aged ten and under with free parking available for all. Make sure you do not miss out on the grand afternoon prize raffle drawing happening at 3 PM. Engage, explore, and enjoy a day filled with comic-fueled fun!
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