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WasabiCon's Geek Marketplace 2022

Apr 2, 2022
Portland, OR
Hilton Portland Downtown
Portland, OR

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About WasabiCon's Geek Marketplace 2022

WasabiCon® PDX is Portland, Oregon’s local pop culture event for fans of anime, cosplay, gaming and everything “geek”. The two-day convention features celebrity guests, local artists, exhibitors, gaming, panels, contests and much more. Daytime programming and events are designed to be all-ages, with content presented for older attendees scheduled in the evening. For the first time ever in Portland, the convention is launching WasabiCon’s Geek Marketplace as a one-day event for fans to get together to shop, socialize and see one another in a fun and casual environment.
WasabiCon's Geek Marketplace 2022 Pictures
  • Artist Alley
  • Hall Cosplay Contest
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