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WasabiCon 2024

Oct 11-13, 2024
Jacksonville, FL
The Prime F. Osborn III Convention Center
Jacksonville, FL


About WasabiCon 2024

Celebrate all things "geek" at WasabiCon, Northeast Florida’s largest pop culture convention. Held in Jacksonville every October, this bonanza of fandom brings together ardent enthusiasts of anime, manga, cosplay, gaming, k-pop, and Asian culture. From celebrity guest appearances and local artists' exhibits to thrilling gaming events and vibrant cosplay contests, WasabiCon offers a rich tapestry of experiences set to intrigue attendees of all ages. During the day, enjoy family-friendly programming before the sun sets and content tailored to older fans takes the stage. Held at the vast Prime F. Osborn III Convention Center, WasabiCon's expansive layout caters to the five pillars of fandom: Anime, Cosplay, Kpop, Tabletop Gaming, and Video Games. Revel in the creative cosplay workshops or indulge in intense gaming sessions; there's a dedicated area for all formats. Above all, WasabiCon is a melting pot of shared passion where you can connect with other fans, partake in fan panels, and perhaps meet your favorite talent.
Map to WasabiCon
1000 Water Street, Jacksonville, FL 32204 US
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