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WasabiCon 2023

Oct 13-15, 2023
Jacksonville, FL
The Prime F. Osborn III Convention Center
Jacksonville, FL

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About WasabiCon 2023

WasabiCon is Jacksonville's premier pop culture event, celebrating all things geek from cosplay and anime to gaming. Since its inception in 2012, the fun-filled, two-day convention has grown to become the largest in Northeast Florida, engrossing over 165,000 square feet of the Prime Osborn Convention Center. Vibrantly offering something for every type of fan, the event showcases a vast array of programs that span from all-ages daytime programming to evening events for older attendees. The convention's diverse assortment of attractions includes celebrity guests, local artists, exhibitors, discussion panels, and contests, with its content focusing on five primary features: Anime, Cosplay, Kpop, Tabletop Gaming, and Video Games. Notably, WasabiCon also hosts specialized activities like a Cosplay Lip Sync Battle and the Cosplay Competition, judged by renowned influencers from the fan community. Over the years, WasabiCon has been the leading platform bridging connection and fostering camaraderie among fans, inviting them into a dynamic, inclusive world where they can celebrate their shared love for everything Japanese pop culture, Asian music, films, and television.
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