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Liberty City Anime Con 2018

Aug 17-19, 2018
New York, NY
New York, NY

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About Liberty City Anime Con 2018

Liberty City Anime Con 2018 is a anime, scifi, and comic con held on August 17-19, 2018. The convention happens in New York City. Liberty City Anime Con is the largest anime convention in New York City, and is run by-fans and for-fans. Run by dedicated anime fans, our aim is to offer you the largest, most memorable event to ever hit the big apple. First held in 2015, LCAC has grown spectacularly every year, and is now the biggest and best convention for anime fans in New York. Anime fans in New York City have needed an anime convention to return to their city for a long time, and Liberty City does so in a huge way. No other event compares as an event for anime fans to come cosplay and have fun.
Liberty City Anime Con 2018 Pictures
Guests of Honor
Vic Mignogna voice actor
Tyler Walker voice actor
Heather Walker voice actor
Sam Black voice actor
Sam & Bill comedian
Brittany Lauda voice actor
Professor Shyguy musician
Dokudel cosplayer
Reni Mimura Performer
Andy Field voice actor
Creep-P Youtube
Joe Gaudet voice actor
2une Performer
Michael Hecht Internet Personality
Jesse Nowack Internet Personality
xJerry64x Youtube
TiA singer
Kohei singer
Chuck Huber voice actor
Michael A. Zekas voice actor
Lia singer
Theresa Buchheister voice actor
Marcus Stimac voice actor
Robert L. Mungle voice actor
Rachelle Heger voice actor
Mason Lieberman musician
LeetStreet Boys anime band
Aaron Roberts voice actor
Marianne Miller voice actor
IA Musician
Shingo Yamashita animator
Jun Sugawara organizer
Shintarou Douge animator
Tokyo Attack company
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